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Seeing Light & Shadows

What does a photographer see when lighting his subject in the studio or on location? How does he or

she create a lighting scheme that matches their vision of the final photograph? Did the photographer’s lighting technique compliment or distract from the main subject in the photograph? What lighting equipment should the photographer use? Off camera flash? Monolights? Or natural light? Sunrise or sunset?

These questions can be what a photographer considers when planning for and selecting their lighting scheme for their latest project. Photographers use a combination of “light” and “shadows” to draw your eye to the central theme of the photograph.

FotoShoot Magazine staff and editors have decided to dedicate our 2021 issues to “Seeing Light & Shadows”. A visual insight into the lighting techniques of our contributing photographers, artists, and painters. We will also feature artwork from various artists that are "painters" that use a brush to create artistic masterpieces.

We will use our 2021 issues to showcase the many forms of lighting. We hope you enjoy the magazine’s theme of lighting this year..

As always, keep clicking.

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