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The Ethereal Project

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Ethereal is an adjective used to describe hypothetical higher air that is purer; the regions beyond the atmosphere or earth, something from another world. Bright and rarefied is characterized by extreme delicacy in form, content, thought or feeling.

This word seemed to resonate perfectly with my project and the model's personality. The delicacy starts from the inside, then covers the whole being. We are talking first about an inner state.

I noticed the unreal delicacy of Anca (my model) since the first contact that we had. The refinement and finesse, from the movement to the way of interacting with the people, the elegance, and the tenderness. These physical, but especially soul traits seem to me beyond the speed of the modern world we live in. I learned about her passion for ballet, a passion that transposes her to another world, far from the daily routine and relatively common activities.

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1 Comment

Missy Burton
Missy Burton
Sep 13, 2023

Brilliant work!

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