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Workers of the World

“Workers of the World” is a prelude to Dr. Edward James Valeau upcoming book Our World of Work and examines and celebrates work through selected images of people photographed over 25 years through his travels across seven continents and 73 countries. The images in this article show ordinary people working to survive globally under various conditions and circumstances. Globally workers operate under influencers like the World Bank, the International Labor

Organization, governments, companies, village leaders, local customs, and cultural norms established to maintain control and dominance over the idea of work. Combined, they globally exert influence and control over wages earned, working conditions, kinds of work, and standards of people's lives to name a few. All workers are controlled worldwide, no matter what field of work. Surprisingly, most of us are oblivious to this fact and carry on with our daily work lives to survive.

Curated photographs from the Valeau Photography Gallery help the readers gain an advanced perspective of the intricacies of this thing we call "work" but know very little about outside our own experiences. They highlight a selective view of the cultural, creative, and geographical setting and segment of the global workforce that is often glossed over relative to the details behind our work world.

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