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Voices of Protest

The spring and summer of 2020 has drastically affected life, arts, entertainment, education, and culture in the United States and across the globe. Much of the unrest is due to the Covid-19 with everyday citizens being told to stay home, do not go to work, and do not go to school. This edict via executive orders from government and health officials has had a chilling side effect on all our lives resulting in peaceful and violent protests with deadly results.

America has had its share of protests in its history. The birth of the United States was based on protests from the colonial rule of Great Britain. The American Civil War was based on emancipating Blacks from slavery by the southern states. The civil rights movement of the 1960’s was based on ensuring the rights of Blacks based on the Constitution’s that all men are created equal and the fight against Jim Crow laws and discriminatory practices by many American institutions (government, education, business, retail, etc.). The 1970’s saw protests against the war in Viet Nam. Many of these protests were peaceful.

The video-taped death of George Floyd, a Black man living in Minneapolis, Minnesota by a Minneapolis policemen has stirred a nation to protest. Protests against George Floyd’s death, protests against police brutality, and protests that Black Lives Matter in the United States.

However, a subset of the protests in American cities turned violent.

FotoShoot Magazine photographers across the country captured in real-time the frustration, passion, and peacefulness of the protests. They also captured the unrest and anarchy. The July/Summer 2020 edition of FSM captures in documentary form the protests and its aftermath.

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