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Pelican 1750: Lighting in a Travel Case

One Photographer's Solution for Traveling With Lighting Kits

Pelican 1750 Hard Case Long

My inspiration for this case setup came from traveling while on vacation and wanting to have my lighting gear with me just in case I had the opportunity to do a photo session. This would be my “studio lighting in a case”.

I have previously traveled with a few cases (2 Pelican 1510 cases with camera and speed lights, 1 Pelican 1650 with 4 studios strobes and portable batteries). The 1650 was bulky and took up too much space in the back of my truck bed for me to carry anything else when traveling with a group of people or my family. I had to think of a lighter/slimmer option.

The Pelican 1750 case presented me with a unique solution. It was long enough to hold (4) Godox AD200 Pro Pocket Strobe and other equipment that permitted me to travel with all the lighting gear necessary for a photo session on the go. The case is slim enough to fit in the bed of the truck and not take up a lot of space. This configuration permitted me to have my strobes, reflectors, battery chargers, bulbs, dual strobe head bracket, and a circular head attachment.

The foam insert was custom made for this configuration by My Custom Case Builder ( On their website you can customize the foam insert by utilizing their online app. They also have a group of experts that can create the insert for you as well for an additional price. Prices for the foam inserts varies by size. The price for this setup was $195.00 with shipping. From placing the order to shipment was 3 weeks (due to COVID-19 shutdowns in 2020).

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