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In this issue we introduce Marcela Cucereanu.  Marcela comes to FotoShoot Magazine from Moldova, a country located between Ukraine and Romania in Eastern Europe.  Marcela is an artistic photographer, Tango dancer, and world traveler. Her contribution to this issue is called The Ethereal Project.  A photography project of light, art, and shadows. Marcela tells us her story in her own words. 

We feature a returning contributor, Dr. Edward James Valeau in our summer 2023 issue.  “Doc” is a photographer, entrepreneur, former college CEO, English teacher, Fulbright Scholar, and an American Council on Education Fellow.  He has traveled the world taking photographs for his seminars and books on international education, the environment, people, landscapes, and the human diaspora defined by cultural connections. Dr. Valeau introduces our readers to his latest project, Workers of the World.  A cultural experience he witnessed while traveling the world. “Doc” continues to inspire the world around us, one image at a time.


Launching in December on YouTube, "Lens & Liquor"; a friendly chat with photography creatives, news makers, hobbyists, and artists discussing life, photography, and their ambitions over a friendly sip of adult beverage. The first interview is with Rob D. August, Phlox Photography Studio manager and photography visionary.

Finally, James Gamble's Summer Portraiture series is a must see section of the magazine. His use of natural and studio light highlights the model's features and wardrobe.

Fotos of the Month

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